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My mission is to help you to get to really know yourself! Know the unique mechanics of YOUR Design & Learn Exactly How Your Inner Authority Works so you can Start to really empower yourself!

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Human Design shows you, your unique blueprint. It is a powerful body of knowledge that needs to be tested and lived in order to de-condition our self and be and stand in our Own Unique Authority.

This forum is educational because we look and discuss all the different aspects of your Inner Authority.

May you find the answers here to questions you cant find the answer to on Google! Sharing our experiences with those who have things in common with us is so enriching for our soul. I call that self empowerment!

Finding your tribe your people is a big thing and with our designs as Generators if your living correctly the Geometry
of your vehicle guides us and leads us to make those connections with those people who are on our fractal. Tis very spiritual when you look at it from that perspective. 

I created this as a way to really let you see what I am all about and what you can expect from the new Human Design Generator Forum! 

So as we know those of us who have discovered Human Design whether you are new to it or been following it for some time. There is a vast amount of information and that in and of itself can seem a little daunting for those new folks who have just discovered this life changing system. Now with my particular design I am driven to get to the core of things and I do love the research and the discoveries I make as a 1/3.

Now one thing that I discovered was that the way Human Design is being marketed by many, to me is not truly helping people to understand their deep mechanics. We are led to believe okay so you are a Generator, here to wait and in waiting respond with your sacral center. Now yes there is truth to that but there is way more to it also. We are also told we need sacral sessions that essentially mean as far as they are concerned that will wake the sacral center up.

So to be asked yes no questions so you can hear your gutteral sounds. However this too is kinda flawed and not the whole story. What they do not tell you is that there is a guidance system/network below the surface of your sacral center that informs it. We call that guidance system our senses. So anyway that's just one aspect here where I see an issue. There are many.

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Now there is way more to it than that and honestly what really gets me is this...if we don't understand what Inner Authority actually means, things we try really wont work effectively in the long run. So this is what I am all about getting right to the nitty gritty, showing you exactly how it all works and it is not difficult either.


*Exercises for you to do, so you can test yourself *

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*And more to come as we grow and evolve*

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